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Can dogs eat cheese?

Yes, dogs can eat cheese. In fact, cheese is often a great training tool, especially for puppies. But should dogs eat cheese? While some dogs can eat cheese, and most dogs love it, many dogs can be intolerant of cheese. Even for dogs that are able to tolerate cheese, it is probably best fed in moderation.


Benefits of Cheese

Cheese contains protein, calcium, vitamin A, essential fatty acids, and B-complex vitamins. Most dogs love cheese, and trainers often use it for treat-motivated dogs. This snack is also a good way to conceal pills for dogs that require medication.


We use cheddar cheese with beef knuckle slice, and is dehydrated to perfection. Stays crispy and we are sure your pups cannot resist this tasty snack! 

Cheezy Cow

  • Cheddar cheese, 100% beef knuckle

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