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Store Policy

Customer Care

We care for your pets just as how we care for Thunder! All of you are our precious clients. We want your pets to eat well! So please eat the treats in moderation.


And if you are feeding any bone treats, please always supervise them at all times. If some of your pooches are prone to swallowing food as a whole, please also supervise them at all times! 

In general, dogs should not receive more than 10% of their daily caloric intake from treats. A calculator to determine your dog's exact caloric needs can be found here.

Privacy & Safety

We will not share nor sell your data to any third parties. This is very unethical, don't you think so? We encourage the use of Paypal if you are paying by credit / debit card. Or you can use bank transfer or PayNow. 

We believe in shopping online safely and buying different treats for your pooches from time to time!  

Wholesale Inquiries

As we are a small establishment, we believe in making small batches for sale, ensuring the best quality and freshness to your pooches. Thus, we are not offering wholesale prices at this point. 

We do, however have good prices for bulk purchase. Please drop us an email! 

Payment Methods

- Bank Transfer

- PayNow

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