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Being a longer lasting chew, similar to rawhide, bully sticks can come in handy for nearly any dog owner. Since they take a long time to chew down, bully sticks are probably not very good for treat training, which work best when they are small and quick to consume. But they are excellent as distraction treats. 


If you have a dog that acts out in destructive behaviour caused by boredom or anxiety, you should try giving him a bully stick. Avoid rewarding bad behaviour by offering the bully stick after the negative behaviour is displayed. Instead, act preventatively.


If your dog gets destructive when you are leaving them home alone, then offer the bully stick a while you are preparing to leave. This will give them something to focus on while you go through your normal routine for departure. If you are not comfortable leaving the chew with your dog unsupervised, then it's best to remove the chew before you leave the house. 


An almost universally appealing chew, bully sticks are distracting enough for any dog and provide a positive outlet for your dog while you are busy with something else. No more chewed furniture, no more whining - at least for a little while! 

Bully Stick

SKU: 0005
  • 100% Bull Pizzle

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