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The Three Musketeers

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

How we all started

Thank you for choosing Thunder Treatos. Starting off with the Hooman buying a dehydrator as a gift for me, just so that I have the best value of snackos. She started off with some beef slices, and then the rest is history. Because I love all the dehydrated snacks she made.

“Having the best single ingredient snacks is all I love”

Because I need to go through my obedience training, that's why I need all the enticing snacks to be obedient!

Obedience training with Dog Listener Consultancy

How the Three Musketeers started. I first met Mochi (#MalteseDog) during my obedience training. I'll sit next to him every lesson, and we became the best of buddies through to our advanced class. Mochi is my best buddy!

A few months later, I met Yogi (#BostonTerrier) through the Boston Terrier Page. Gosh! She was such a tiny cat, i thought. But then again we became the best of fwrens.

And so the hooman became busy making more dog treats for us all, and becoming better at it. Since some dehydrated dog treats need longer time to make, might as well add on more stuff, and that's how Thunder Treatos came about!

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