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Freeze Dryer Rental

There are down times when we do not use the freeze dryer. So why not take this down time of ours into your golden opportunity in making something for your pets? 

Each tray takes maximum 2kg wet weight worth of items. So you can eaily make up to 10kg wet weight of pet treats during this time. And did we mention this will be even cheaper as well? 

You just need to order the raw ingredients and we do the rest! We wiill help you to process the treats and load them into the freeze dryer. It's that easy! 

Each booking is fixed at 5 trays. You can load in maximum 2kg wet weight of food items, per tray. So that makes a total of 10kg wet weight worth of goodies! 

We will charge you the nett price of each ingredient you wish to load in (NOT included in the cost of machine rental). Or you can order them on your own and have it delivered to our location. 

Food preparation service provided. For example, cutting, de-claw service, cleaning, excess fats trimmings.

Please note that for meat items, they must be cut into cubes or thick slice (about 1-2 cm) for freeze drying. 

We will offer free bulk packing only. Individual small packing will incur an extra charge.

As Singapore is of high humidity, we recommend an average of 72 hours (from loading to finish) to ensure that the pet treats are dry. 

Cost breakdown:
3 days Freeze Dryer Rental: SGD $240
Food preparation service: SGD $50
Raw ingredients : to be billed separately 
Pick up / Drop off service: not included

  • 5 Trays of pet food for Freeze Drying

    72 hr

    290 Singapore dollars
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